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15 Regeln Clicker Training Hunde mit Erfolg trainieren

How to start?

You are conditioning your dog to the Clicker

Classical conditioning according to Pavlov:
The Clicker means something positive.

You need: some time, a Clicker and small tasty titbits and of course your dog (you can try it also with your cat, your budgerigar or your horse).

You are offering a titbit to your dog and click at the same time. Later, you should be aware of clicking first and then delivering the titbit. Repeat about 5 times during three short lessons per day. After only a few days the dog has learned:

click = titbits = something positive

The first exercise

The Watch-me game

You can use this starting exercise for every purpose, and you can always go back to it later after enough training.

Wait (don't say anything - n o command! - no leash popping)
The dog looks at you
Short training lessons for about five minutes two to three times per day.
Your dog is learning:
always when I look at her/him = click and treat

and he will show the desired behavior more often.

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