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15 Regeln Clicker Training Hunde mit Erfolg trainieren

Fifteen Rules for Getting Started with the Clicker

by Karen Pryor

Clicker training is a new, science-based way to communicate with your pet. It's easier to learn than standard command-based training. You can clicker-train any kind of dog, of any age. Puppies love it. Old dogs learn new tricks. You can clicker-train cats, birds, and other pets as well.

Don't worry, at first, about getting rid of behavior you don't like. Instead, start with some good things you want the dog to learn to do. Keep notes (the refrigerator door is a good place). Jot down what the dog was doing when you started. Once a day or so, jot down what you have achieved with each behavior. You will be surprised at the progress! Reward yourself for the dog's improvements.

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